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 LST v0.9 development log

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LST v0.9 development log Empty
PostSubject: LST v0.9 development log   LST v0.9 development log EmptyTue Jun 17, 2014 11:59 am


Okay, I've decided to keep a log of the new developments in the next version of LST, partially so other can see what's going on. There will be a new website along with the new game-mode however, this gonna take a while.

There are several driving factors behind the new version:
 Better game-play. As of the old versions of LST, it didn't come into a stable version and had a couple of bugs which were never fixed. I am planning to make a more excited game-play by creating some new mini games and adding some custom maps around LST.

 New techniques. In the previous versions of LST, I used some old methods and techniques of code writing which made the game-mode unreadable and quite hard to edit. In the new version of LST, code has been improved by 50%. 

 Game-mode layout. Over the past months of LST, the game-mode has become quite large which made it almost impossible to fix bugs and find glitches. This now has been corrected by divining the game-mode in small easy editable peaces of code which made it easier to work on it and edit in any way around.


 Improved class selection - the old one was quiet of poor in ability to give an impression to players.

 More minigames to come along - simply because LMS was not enough, I decided to add a couple of more attractive minigames.

 A better saving system - Yes, I switched from SQLite to MySQL, no I do not make unsecured queries, I've got quite good experience on working with MySQL.


And finally the log. I'll be posting new updates to keep the log up to date, so should you keep yourself up to date.

Log of v0.9.1

■ 24/06/2014

- Fixed a bug when player spawned directly by pressing shift instead of being forced to choose class skins.
- Fixed the latency time which occurred between class cameras, now almost unnoticeable. 
- Added information textdraws displaying the gang's name etc. (not fully functioning yet).

■ 15/07/2014

- Added locations names under minimap.
- Added vehicle name is now displayed when you enter a vehicle. 
- Added gang houses around Los Santos.
- Added vehicles.

■ 16/07/2014

- Each gang house, has a different price (the better the location, the more expensive the house is).

■ 20/07/2014

- Added health pickups with textdraw messages.
- Added a mapped office near LS-Airport (credits to [FRAG]B for his amazing work).

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LST v0.9 development log Empty
PostSubject: Re: LST v0.9 development log   LST v0.9 development log EmptyTue Jun 17, 2014 4:41 pm

Nice topic man! Its good to keep our members and fans up to date with the updates.
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LST v0.9 development log
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