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PostSubject: Rules   Rules EmptyWed Jul 07, 2010 1:11 pm

Website Rules:

- Don't use swear words in your NickName.
- Respect Admins and all the other members.
- Don't curse / shout / swear at other members, this will end you up banned.
- Commercial Advertising will get you banned aswell.
- Do not spam or gettin offtopic in other people's topic.
- Use English in topics "If you want to talk with someone in your own Language, use pm".
- We don't allow anything about porno or racism in our website.
- Do not reply to another person's Ban Appeal unless it DIRECTLY involves you or you have something IMPORTANT to say.
- Do not reply to another person's application with pointless 'Good lucks' unless you know the applicant and can say something more about him/her.
- Don't reply on advertise topics, if you keep doing it then you will end up banned.

Just follow this rules and everything will be ok... I promse you :wink: no worry about that and thats FO FO SHO SHO

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